Thursday, September 27, 2012

Long overdue

So once again I've majorly failed at keeping this blog up to date...but get ready because a TON has happened since my last post in May!

We've been in our home for a while now and we love it. It's great. We're the first owners which is great because nothing is pet or smoke damaged and the whole house is ready for us to tweak to our liking :). This upcoming weekend we're painting Spencer's play room and finally getting it in order. Her toys are beginning to take over our living room so it's time to move them upstairs!!

We've had several trips home. Spencer and I made it home once in June and were able to spend my mother's birthday with her. All three of us had the chance to come home in late August to have an early birthday party for little miss. She's one now. It's hard to believe a year has passed! Some of her newest tricks are drinking out of a straw, looking for Beau Beau when I say his name, taking steps and playing peek-a-boo. Her last appointment was her 1 year check up and she was 31 inches long (91%) and 24.15 lbs (86%). The doctor was surprised at her height! She's very happy and very healthy! Some of her favorite foods are blueberries, strawberries and any pasta!

Spencer's Mimi (Alex's mom) was able to come out and spend some time with us this month. She was able to help us send Alex off. It was so great to have her here and Spencer really misses her Mimi time!

Alex is gone now and that's really all I can say about this deployment. Please don't be offended if you ask questions I can't answer because for his safety, his team's safety and our safety we're not really supposed to reveal too much. But know he's safe and we have already been able to speak to him several times. Your thoughts and prayers will be the greatest support throughout this. He is excited to be putting his skills and knowledge to work as it's been a long road to finally get here!

I turned 26 this month as well..and I sure as heck don't feel that old. Sometimes it's mind blowing to think I've been married 4 years, we have bought a home and have a one year old! Life is flying by! Alex's birthday is coming up in October so don't forget to send him well wishes :).

Spence and I will be home again around Christmas time, so hopefully we can see many of you! :)

Here are some photos from the past few months :)

Love from Wa. <3

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