Friday, November 9, 2012


November snuck up on us!
Alex is doing well and enjoying his work. He is growing an insane beard..he may have a righteous enough beard to buy a Harley soon. HA!

Spencer is thriving! She's almost too tall to wear 18month clothing. I feel like she's learning something new every day. She can now say "bye-bye", "dada", "mama", "brown bear", "Beau Beau" and "ginkee" (that's how she says binky). Of course all of these things sound a bit different in baby language but she's learning fast! She waves hello and goodbye as well.

She can walk & run! She's always on the go. She loves to play with our curtains, run up and down the hall and throw things over the baby gate. She has such a distinct little personality. She's even learning to throw small fits (yay) haha. Spencer can identify her belly and sometimes her head.

She flirts with everyone we see and waits to wave until they can't see her anymore. She's a little stinker :). 

I'm so proud to say she was broken of the baby bottle in just a day! We had no problems moving exclusively to sippy cups! I'm so proud of our munchkin. 

We're both doing well emotionally with everything. (Or as well as you can). We've been able to skype and/or talk to Alex fairly regularly and that helps tremendously. We miss him so very much and look forward to our skype dates.

We had a nice, fairly quite Halloween. Spencer went as a witch. She had one sucker and loved it. I'm pretty sure she made it to the center of the tootsie pop in record time. 

Spence and I will be making a road trip soon with the help of Anita. We'll be in Kansas for the month of December. 

Lots of love.
Mary & Spencer.

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