Friday, May 18, 2012

Busy bees

Hello again =)

Well, we've been insanely busy this month of May! We've moved into and furnished our new home. We love this little city of Moxee we're living in. It's a quiet little town not too far from busy Yakima! Alex and I have both met some really great people since moving here. The EOD unit is small but very tight knit which we love. All of the ladies have been incredibly welcoming and helpful.

Alex has spent the last few weeks away in Virginia for some pre-deployment training. He hasn't even seen our new furniture yet because he was gone when it was delivered! The EOD guys are really busy getting ready for their upcoming deployment which will happen later in the year. He's still really enjoying the unit and the work he's doing! It looks like this MOS change was a really good idea..for all of us.

Spencer and I are both really enjoying the warm weather we've finally gotten out here. She has a little pool (it's a zebra, of course) that she loves to splash in and she's had several friends over already this month to play in it! :) Our little girl is 8 months old now and growing like a weed (as usual). She had an appointment yesterday and weighed in at 22.9 lbs and was 29 3/4 inches long. She's such a big girl! :) She's pretty close to being a forward crawler and she's constantly trying to pull up! Today she was working on her "mmm" sounds so I think "mama" isn't too far off! =) She has also sprouted two teeth in the last month!

She's had some minor health issues lately though. She's having some acid reflux issues..nothing we can't manage but the poor girl is constantly puking after meals & bottles. We're working on some natural and hands on remedies before we ask for medicinal help. Other than that little issue she is the same happy, healthy baby she's always been! She's made quite a few little friends out here! We're planning a zoo trip with our new friends Ashley & Jackson next week!

Little miss got her ears pierced 5 days ago and she's doing really well with them. (AKA she barely notices) although the other day her hand did wander up to one of her ears and she seemed very puzzled as to the new growth on her ear. HA!

Spencer and I will be home next month for 9 days for a short visit. I hope we can see some of you, but if not please don't be's going to be a mostly family based trip as no one has really seen Spencer since Christmas! But we'll try to see as many people as we can! =).

Send prayers and positive thoughts our way please as Alex will be leaving again for a month long training course shortly after he comes home this weekend. We haven't seen much of one another lately and it's been tough.


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