Friday, March 25, 2011


Well today is my first "official" OB appt. I'm a little nervous, just because I haven't had an appt. yet, even though I think I'm pretty aware of what will go on. Unfortunately I'm still not far enough along to find out if we will be having a baby girl or baby boy, but we should definitely know before I leave for Florida :). I'm 14 weeks along today! I do think I should hear the heartbeat today, which I'm incredibly anxious about..that's proof that I have a life inside of me..and what an incredible/strange feeling! I'll update about the appointment later :)!

We're creeping closer and closer to house hunting in Florida and to my little trip to Alabama to see Alex. Did I mention he's in Huntsville? Hide yo kids, hide yo wife.

Morning sickness has calmed down a TON. I'm still dealing with some nausea but I have only gotten sick ONCE this week! It's really incredible to be able to leave the house without the fear of throwing up all over a public place. If the myths are true, then this is definitely a girl inside me! I'm also finally getting some resemblance of a pregnant belly and not just a girl who ate one too many cheeseburgers lol.

Alex is still doing spectacular in school and he seems to be at the top of the class. Who is surprised? Not me. I told him he was that kid in school that I hated because the teacher would offer a curve on the test and he'd score a 99. haha.

I'm also going to be in two weddings, which I'm very excited about. My dear friends Sadie and Dylan are getting married this July and I will be one of their big, pregnant bridesmaids :). HA! That should be lovely. But in all seriousness I'm thrilled that she asked me to be a part of her special day. We've been close since middle school and I'm so happy she and Dylan are FINALLY making it official. Marriage is wonderful!

I hope you all are saving your money because I expect visitors in Florida. Even if the awesomeness that Alex and I exude doesn't convince you to visit, perhaps the sunny beaches of Florida will? :)

Well I'll update after the baby appointment! Have a lovely Friday!!

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