Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mary Update Only

I just wanted to give an update on me and my life/thoughts. I feel this is important because I know what it's like to struggle with certain thoughts & feelings that I feel a lot of girls and women struggle with.

I've never been comfortable with my body or weight..even at my thinnest (around 120-125) I felt awkward and chubby. I think it's just something I grew up thinking and it has stuck with me. And of course there's always some blame that can be put on the media. However, after I had my daughter in 
September 2011 my weight was at its highest. Thankfully 30 of my 41 lb. baby weight gain just fell off within 3 weeks of having her, but that last 11 lbs. stuck with me for over a year. It all resided in my midsection and thighs too, so my jean size was considerably higher and I felt considerably rounder. I would make half-hearted attempts to lose the weight (get salads when dining out, go on walks, etc.) but nothing I did was a serious attempt or life change until the last few months.

Renewing my faith in God has helped me renew my faith in myself. I believe I can achieve ANYTHING. It may sound cheesy or lame but it's an honest statement. I've lost almost 9 lbs and shrunk one jean size (as of Sunday March 3rd). I enjoy working out and eating healthy. Honestly the beginning was difficult. I noticed mental and emotional changes before any significant physical changes. I had to change my mindset. It's not about "being skinny", it's about being healthy and setting the best example I can for my child. I don't go to the gym to be skinny anymore. I go because it makes me happy; it keeps me energized. Losing weight on top of those things is a bonus. I do have weight loss goals (20lbs total) BUT I'm not going to stress out over not being a certain figure/size. It's a hard place to come to. It was honestly a  HUGE challenge to stop focusing on my body and start focusing on my health but if you stop focusing on weight loss or the physical image of yourself in your head and start focusing on improving your life that weight loss WILL come and you won't be stressing about it.

I'm honestly one of those people who was always trying to lose 5lbs, 10 lbs or shrink a jean size so if I can lose weight and be healthier I truly believe anyone can. This isn't a bragging blog, but I hope it can encourage some of you who are unhappy with yourself to take that step and make changes. If I can do it so can you.


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