Saturday, March 3, 2012

Life on the west coast

We're finally here in Washington (and finally getting settled!). We've most of our things unpacked and are enjoying living here very much. It's gorgeous! We live in Ellensburg, Washington which is nestled right in the cascades. Alex, Spencer and I took our first mountain hike this morning. (OUCH!) =). It was a lot of fun and the view was breathtaking.

Speaking of Spencer, she is growing like crazy. She will be 6 months old a week from Monday and I'm finding that really hard to believe. I skimmed through her newborn pictures tonight and had myself tearing up. She's such a joy. She's always laughing and is happy 99% of the time. We have definitely been blessed with an amazing little gift. She's learned to roll over in the last month and we can't get her to stay on her back. Lay her down and PLOP! She's rolled onto her belly..and she's discovered how to sleep that way as well. It's her new favorite sleeping position! She's always talking (just like her mother), "happy screaming", & laughing. She's already in 6 month clothes and is too long for some of those! I just can't believe how much she's grown!

The weather here is very similar to Kansas but probably overcast more often. We've had a handful of pretty mild days and stay in the 40s most of the time this time of year. We are VERY close to the mountains. I can step out onto the street in front of our house and see them. It's beautiful. So far, I can say it's my favorite location we've lived. We can't wait for it to warm up some and do more exploring!

Alex is enjoying his new job as an EOD tech and we're both getting to know the small military group out here. He seems to stay pretty busy! We're both relieved to just be finished with school and to have a little bit of time to get comfy somewhere ha! =) -but that's the military just never know when you're going to get sent somewhere or how long you'll REALLY be there. lol.

So as you can see things are wonderful right now and we are very happy!!

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